Monday, July 30, 2018

Reading Without Walls Challenge

Gene Luen Yang, former National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, designed the Reading Without Walls Challenge to encourage folks to choose books outside their comfort zones and expand their reading horizons. There are 3 ways this can be accomplished:

1. Read a book about a character who doesn’t look, or live, like you. Diversity comes in an assortment of forms – race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, geography, class, and ability.

2. Read a book about a topic you don’t know much about. Become educated on a new subject; whether it be history, science, sports, etc.

3. Read book in a format that you don’t normally read for leisure. Consider a graphic novel, chapter book, picture book, selection of poetry, or audio recording.

Reading Without Walls helps to broaden experiences and ideas. Will you take the challenge?

This event highlight brought to you by YA Librarian, Chris.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Tackle Twelve - Spotlight on Read a Western

As part of BPL’s Tackle Twelve promotion, 16 reading challenges have been issued. This week’s blog takes a closer look at ‘Read a Western' and offers up recommendations.

Shadow of a Hang Rope: A Western Story by Lauran Paine
John Hawk steals a herd of horses and sells them for a sizable profit. All the while knowing that he could be in a lot of trouble if anyone finds out his secret.

When I Die: The Legend of Joe Mundy by Monty McCord
After surviving a shooting in Taylorsville, and the 1876 influenza outbreak, Marshal Joe Mundy is enjoying the summer courting Sarah, the abandoned wife of the town’s first marshal, George Welby. Until the killings begin.

The Devil’s Waltz by Ethan J. Wolfe
Yuma, Arizona, in the early 1880s. When U.S. Marshal Dale Posey needs help bringing notorious outlaw Tom Spooner to justice, he turns to the one man he knows who can deliver: the former leader of Spooner’s gang, a man now serving a lengthy sentence at Yuma Prison, Jack Posey, Dale’s younger brother.

The Which Way Tree by Elizabeth Crook
Early one morning in the remote country of Texas, a panther savagely attacks a family of homesteaders, mauling a young girl named Samantha and killing her mother, whose final act is to save her daughter’s life.

Men of Violence: A John Henry Cole Story by Bill Brooks
A former detective from Cheyenne, Wyoming risks the dangers of a life spent bringing criminals to justice by establishing his own agency at the sides of other ex-lawmen.

The Stacked Deck by J.D. March
After former gunfighter Johnny Fierro is arrested for murder, he is determined to guard secrets about his past, but his brother Gus realizes he must learn the truth about Johnny if he is going to help him.

Escape to Fort Abercrombie by Candace Simar
Mama and little Elsa are kidnapped by Indians. As his father lies dying, fourteen-year-old Ryker Landstad promises to take the nine-year-old twins to safety and rescue them. It takes all Ryker's gumption to reach the fort, only to discover that Fort Abercrombie is besieged by 500 warriors.

The Carroll Farm Fight by Greg Hunt
Living at a frontier crossroads can have unexpected perils, especially when war is afoot. Mel Carroll wants only to plow and harvest, tend to his stock, marry his sweetheart, and live a quiet life in the rugged Ozark country. But within a day of the arrival of a northbound Confederate army, his farm is hurriedly transformed into a fortified military camp.

The Grub Rider by James C. Work
Mysterious forces drive Gabe Allen to leave home in search of the Keystone Ranch. Job by job, handout by handout, he finally makes it. However, his next journey will be far more dangerous and demanding.

Shane by Jack Schaefer
In the summer of 1889, a mysterious and charismatic man rides into a small Wyoming valley, where he joins homesteaders who take a stand against a bullying cattle rancher.

This readers advisory brought to you by YA Librarian, Chris

Monday, July 16, 2018

Why Volunteer?

Perspectives offered from five of our Young Adult volunteers…

What do you feel are the benefits of volunteering?

Maggie (age 12) - You feel good that you have helped others. And it is always fun, especially if you volunteer with your friends.

Sara (age 17) - It helps the community and keeps some kids out of trouble.

Jabari (age 15) - To help people in need. To do our part for the country, state, town, basically everywhere. In addition, we need to look out for each other.

Dustin (age 11) – I feel very good volunteering because everyone can keep doing what they’re doing.

Braden (age 13) – Meeting new people. Doing something for the community. Resume building. Experience that will help you later in life.

What do you personally enjoy about volunteering at Bremen Public Library?

Maggie – Being at the library in the first place. Every time I come, I do something fun. I laugh almost every time.

Sara – It’s fun. It gets me out of school for a good reason.

Jabari – Books have always been my thing, and I want to do my part to help this library be the best it can be. So much goes on in this library, more than I know from other libraries. This library may be small, but it has a big story, and it wouldn’t be like this without our Bremen Public Library staff. Thank you for having us here!

Dustin – I like that when I’m done I get treats!

Braden – You aren’t forced to work lots of hours as a requirement. You can decide when you want to work. The librarians are nice. You always have something to do. I can get to the library easily.

This Q & A brought to you by YA Librarian, Chris.

Monday, July 9, 2018

The Alex Awards

The Alex Awards, administered by the Young Adult Library Services Association and sponsored by the Margaret E. Edwards trust, honor the top 10 adult books published during the previous year with appeal to readers between the ages of 12 and 18.

All Systems Red by Martha Wells
Stuck on a distant planet, a Security Robot passes time by watching television. After a group of scientists is killed, the robot must figure out how to save its crew from a similar fate.

The Clockwork Dynasty by Daniel H. Wilson
When a young anthropologist uncovers a terrible secret concealed in the workings of a three-hundred-year-old mechanical doll, she is thrown into a hidden society that lurks just under the surface of our own.

Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire
In this dark fable, twins Jillian and Jacqueline journey to a dangerous world where they must choose one of two paths. As they discover their true selves, they find that love and adventure are among the most hazardous things.

Electric Arches by Eve L. Ewing
Offers a series of meditations in poetry, prose, and illustrations that explore coming of age as an African American woman.

A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea by Melissa Fleming
The story of a young Syrian refugee’s attempt to reach Sweden, focusing on her ordeal in icy waters after the dilapidated fishing vessel in which she was traveling (along with 500 others) sinks.

Malagash by Joey Comeau
Already grieving for her dying father, Sunday plans to release a computer virus that memorializes his words and laugh. But she begins to realize that to fully understand him, she needs to embrace his relationships with other family members.

Roughneck by Jeff Lemire
From the New York Times bestselling author and award-winning creator of Essex County, comes a graphic novel about a brother and sister who must come together after years apart to face the disturbing history that has cursed their family.

She Rides Shotgun by Jordan Harper
Enemies from his time in prison put a bounty on Nate McClusky’s head and target his family. They’ve already eliminated his ex-wife, so Nate takes his eleven-year-old daughter Polly in to safekeeping. In doing so, Polly is thrust into a world of robbery, violence, and the constant threat of capture.

Things We Have in Common by Tasha Kavanagh
Yasmin wants to be close to the most beautiful girl in her school, but surely a social misfit like her has no chance. Unless, that is, she can save the girl from the man who was staring at her from the fence.

An Unkindness of Magicians by Kat Howard
In New York City, magic controls everything. However, the power is fading. No one knows what is happening, except for Sydney; a new, rare magician with incredible power that has been unmatched in decades.

This readers advisory brought to you by YA Librarian, Chris.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Getting to Know...Sara!

Introducing another valuable member of our YA Volunteer Team, Sara Boyer! A 17-year-old high school senior, Sara has accumulated 16.75 volunteer hours since March. 




ROLE MODEL: Her brother "Phil"

m and outside

SPIRIT ANIMAL: German Shepherd


INTERESTING FACT:  "I dye my hair almost every month and/or year."

DESERTED ISLAND FRIEND: Her cousin Noah because he knows how to cook squirrel

FUTURE CAREER: National Guard