Monday, March 26, 2018

Tackle Twelve -- Spotlight on Inspirational Fiction

As part of BPL’s Tackle Twelve promotion, 16 reading challenges have been issued. This week’s blog takes a closer look at ‘Read an Inspirational Fiction Book’ and offers up recommendations.

Secrets of Sloane House by Shelley Gray

In order to find her sister who went missing while working as a maid for a prominent family in 1893 Chicago, Rosalind Perry hires on as the new housemaid for the same family.

Touching the Clouds by Bonnie Leon

Set in the 1930s, Kate Evans is a pilot who wants nothing more than to fly the Alaskan skies. She finally succeeds in landing a mail delivery job, where she meets the mysterious Paul Anderson. Circumstances throw the two together, and it’s discovered that they each have a significant secret they’re hiding from each other and the world.

Paper Roses by Amanda Cabot

The future stretches out in front of Sarah Dobbs like the pure blue Texas sky. Leaving the past behind in Philadelphia, mail-order bride Sarah arrives in San Antonio ready to greet her groom, a man she has never met but whose letters have won her heart from afar. But there is one problem, he has died.

Cold Shot by Dani Pettrey

Three friends reunite and join with a beautiful forensic anthropologist to identify skeletal remains uncovered near Little Round Top in Gettysburg National Military Park. There, they become targets themselves.

House of Living Stones by Katie Schuermann

In the small Illinois town of Bradbury, change doesn’t come often, and it certainly doesn’t come easily. So when Pastor Fletcher hires Emily Duke as the new choir director at Zion Lutheran Church, he unknowingly sets in motion a chain of events that turns the life of his congregation upside down.

Blowing on Dandelions by Miralee Ferrell

Do dandelion wishes actually come true? Katherine Galloway knew this moment of calm wouldn’t last, blown away like the dandelion seeds she scattered as a girl. In 1880, three years after her husband’s death, she struggles to run an Oregon boardinghouse and raise two girls alone.

A Perfect Ambition by Dr. Kevin Leman & Jeff Nesbit

The firstborn son of the powerful Worthington family has been groomed for political power since his first breath. Will family secrets keep him from getting there?

Thorn in My Heart by Liz Curtis Higgs

In 1788, amid the moors and glens of the Scottish Lowlands, two brothers and two sisters embark on a painful journey of discovery. Jamie and Evan McKie both want their father Alec’s flocks and lands, yet only one brother will inherit Glentrool. Leana and Rose McBride both yearn to catch the eye of the same handsome lad, yet only one sister will be his bride.

The Forgiven by Marta Perry

When three women are given the task of sorting through the treasures of several generations of their Amish family, they each discover a story from the past that provides inspiration for their own lives.

No Safe Harbor by Elizabeth Ludwig

Desperate to locate her only family, Cara Hamilton leaves Ireland for American and finds herself at the mercy of dangerous revolutionaries, and Rourke, the man she thought she knew and loved.

This readers advisory brought to you by YA Librarian, Chris.

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