Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Flash Fiction Winners Part I

Congratulations to the winners of our Flash Fiction Challenge! Students in grades 6-12 were invited to complete the writing prompt, "It was a dark and stormy night when I found myself trapped in Bremen Public Library."

Mason Hale – 12th grade
Sara Boyer – 11th grade
Cody L.N. Fritz – 10th grade
Brylee Murphy – 10th grade
Isiah Sarille – 10th grade
Hanna DePoy – 9th grade
Emma Heller – 7th grade
Amanda Hohulin – 7th grade
Braden Unruh – 7th grade
Katie Wilson – 7th grade

Watch our blog in the days leading up to Halloween to read the winning stories. Today we are featuring stories by Brylee Murphy and Braden Unruh.

Stories appear as submitted by the authors, unedited.

Brylee Murphy, 10th Grade

It was a dark and stormy night, when I found myself trapped in the Bremen Public Library. As I worked to open my droopy eyes, I heard the slam of a heavy, wooden door. Looking around I see the silhouettes of the many bookcases, and the white, pillow filled bathtub; right away I recognize where I am. I swing my legs around and begin to pull myself to my feet, bracing myself on the computer table to my left. The world begins to spin, I bend over and steady myself by placing a shaking hand on the table, the faint crash of thunder echoes throughout the room. The world slowly comes to a halt, and I proceed to finally straighten myself out. I turn around and creep to the end of the table facing the doors. Looking ahead, through the window in the door, I see nothing but the darkness of the night, along with the occasional beam of electricity piercing through the dark clouds in the already pitch black sky. I peer over my right shoulder, attempting to catch movement, or the resemblance of a person in the silhouettes I see scattered about. I slowly make my way around the table, heading for the cases upon cases of chapter books I know are placed ahead.

When I was young, the library was my favorite place to visit. From theatre, to book club, to parties, even the crafts, I loved being able to be somewhere and express myself through the many activities throughout the year. Each time we visited, I would make my way to the right side of the front counter, and pick up the rectangular green box with a hole cut on one end, tissue paper covering all but a small portion. Lifting the box to be in line with my eyes, I pull it to my right eye. Closing my left, I peer inside the hole, observing, and creating a story for the new scene they had built inside; this week, I see a living room with, seated inside, three bears.
Remembering all of the memories this place has given me, I screech to a halt, and instead turn left, heading for the green box, still placed in its spot on the front counter. Lifting it to my eyes, I tightly squeeze my left closed, and see a forest, with a small girl seemingly heading for a log cabin to the left. As I continue observing the scene, a large, loud, thud shakes the ceiling. My head shoots upward as my stunned hands drop the box. The pitter patter of footsteps races by overhead. I turn right and, sneaking quickly, make my way towards the staircase. I tiptoe up the stairs, and, as I reach the top, kneel down and peek around the corner. Looking left and right, I scan the room; as far as I can see, nothing unusual. I stand up and come out from the staircase, walking straight ahead towards the cases of movies squeezed into the corner. I place a few fingers on the line of movies, as I continue to move forward, my fingers graze the spines of the movie covers, and my eyes scan the titles. I stop when I come across a title that gives me a warm, loving feeling inside. The spine of the shiny blue movie case reads, The Bear in The Big Blue House. Memories flood through my head, in an attempt to not distract myself again, I turn around and instead, head left, where the many, many YA and adult books are located.

The first time I decided to choose a book from the upstairs young adult section, I felt as if I was finally growing up; as if it meant I wasn’t just a small girl anymore. I scanned through the different titles and covers, choosing ones here and there that peeked my interest. I fingered through the pages, breathing in the beautiful aroma of the old paper of the pages.
A muffled cough to my right snatches my mind out of thought.

“Hello?” I question the anonymous silhouette that I faintly make out behind one of the back bookcases. The figure quickly disappears behind the shelves. My head begins to spin; I feel a pit quickly beginning to form in my stomach, and hear my breath quicken. The panic sets in, I look to the bookcase one last time before turning sharply to my right and quickly and swiftly slithering around the tables, running for the glass doors leading outside. My fingers wrap around the handle, gripping tightly, I try to open the door. It barely flinches at the force of my hands pulling against it. My trembling hand begins to jiggle the handle back and forth, nothing changes. The thunder roars overhead and, with a large crash, comes a viciously bright bolt of lightning from the sky. I hear the quick, heavy footsteps of someone behind me growing greatly in volume with each passing second. My head jolts around to see the silhouette now beginning to form the features of a human, without delay, the blaring screech of the buildings fire alarm sounds.

My eyes pop open as my top half springs forward. The streams of light peeking in through the curtains burn my pupils, and I reach my sweaty, shaking hand to my left, silencing my obnoxiously loud, blaring morning alarm.


Braden Unruh, 7th Grade

Note: Nothing in this story is true. This story is purely fictional. No person/thing should take offense to anything in this story.

What’s poppin’?
By Braden U

It was dark and stormy night when I found myself trapped in Bremen Public Library. The last thing I remember was walking in so I could get my hour of volunteering in. I shouted, “Hello, anybody there?” Of course I did this without thinking of the repercussions. But thankfully nothing bad happened, not in the next minutes that followed anyway. After awhile I got my senses and tried  the door, but it wouldn’t budge. I know you may be asking, “Why didn’t you just break the door down with a blunt object.” I didn’t break it down because I had put too much work wiping it down just to break it. I decided to go downstair so I could try the second door. But the moment I took the first step down I smelled something funny. When I had the chance to find what it was I wished I hadn’t investigated. It was all the library patrons, dead, in their chairs. Looking back at this moment, they looked more peaceful than when they were alive. Then I saw it, the real life sucker of the library… Chris. Chris exclaimed, “Hey, what’s poppin’ Braden?” My calm vededa was gone now. “AHHH!!!” I screamed. The only real safe place was the small room, but he probably had a key and I didn’t know what the key looked like. Then I remembered the side exit . I ran for it… It was locked just like the rest of the doors. Chris just stood there watching with a questioning look. “Are you okay?” Then out of nowhere Homeless man Steve came out of the shadows and stabbed Chris. Then Steve said, ”Don’t think you’ll get away from me Braden.” I thought, “Maybe I can get away from him… but wait, how does he know my name?” I had no time to contemplate what was happening. I only had time to run. He had started to chase me, so I ran away from him.. I knew I couldn’t out run him for long… I had to defend myself. Actually I didn’t have to defend myself I could be a coward and break out. I chose the option that had a higher chance of not getting me killed. I remembered an exit that may not be locked… the exit to the roof. I decided, “What's the worse that can happen. I tried the hatch… IT WORKED! I was soaked when I got to the roof, but Steve was relentless. I kept running but going to the roof wasn't a well thought out plan. Before I knew it I fell off the roof and onto the hard, cold, wet, lonesome concrete. I woke in a semi clean bed in a semi clean room. Then a doctor came in he said, “You fell off the roof of the Bremen library, you have a minor concussion. Good thing you fell off the roof in the broad daylight or yo…” I butted in before he could finish his sentence, “What are you talking about? It was the middle of the night when I fell off the roof.” He had a questioning look after I had said that. “No you fell while in daylight. Here’s a video a witness took.” Then a video started to play on a flat screen that I didn’t see before. The video showed me falling off the roof, but it was in daylight. “This makes no sense,” I thought. The doctor saw my expression and said, “Excuse me.” I yelled my head off telling him to get back here and explain this, but the restraints were too tight.. I could hear the doctor say something outside the door, but it was muffled a bit, “...crazy...diagnosis is… schizophrenia… little…hysterical... lockdown.” This man thought I was CRAZY! HOW DARE HIM! I stayed in this “hospital” for the next 30 years. When I had finally been let out I immediately had a heart attack after walking past the library. 

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