Wednesday, August 10, 2022

100 Books before High School


The Bremen Public Library is challenging all incoming 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to read 100 books before high school! The goal is for you to develop a lifelong reading habit, so there are no assigned books, no book reports, and no grades to worry about. Read whatever you want during middle school for the 100 Books Before High School challenge.

Readers are eligible to sign up any time after completing 5th grade and have until the end of 8th grade to finish this challenge. Simply sign up for the challenge at the library, or online (check back soon). Then stop by the library to pick up your reading log. Log every book you complete during this time period. For every 20 books read you will receive a prize. After you complete 100 books you will receive The Ultimate Readers Gift Basket!

For a printable reading log.


Countless studies have shown that children and teens who read for pleasure and enjoyment do better academically and socially and see improvement in their emotional health and well-being. Additionally, reading for pleasure:

  • Can result in higher test scores
  • Improves reading achievement (strong vocabulary, greater use of grammatical structures, and improved writing style)
  • Increases social skills
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps cure boredom

And, of course, at the library we strive to introduce, nourish, and grow a love of reading in the community that we serve.

Which books or which types of books do I need to read?

There are no specific titles or genres you need to read for your challenge. Every reader is unique! Part of becoming a lifelong reader is finding the books and authors that excite you and encourage you to make time to read during your day.

Can I use the same book more than once on my log if I re-read it?

No, we would like you to have the chance to read as many books as possible, so each title you count for your challenge should be a separate title.

Can I log books that I read before the date I signed up for the challenge — from when I started 6th grade or grade?

No, we would like everyone to start from the point they sign up for the challenge. We know this might be tricky for those of you who are signing up when you’re already part-way through the time frame, but consider it an extra challenge!

What are the prizes?

For every 20 books read you will receive a prize. After you complete 100 books you will receive The Ultimate Readers Gift Basket! All prizes must be picked up in person at the Bremen Public Library.

I don’t know what to read!

One of the goals of these challenges is to help you become a lifelong reader and to give you a chance to read titles you never would have expected to enjoy. You can find lots of titles to choose from on our Young Adult Blog or you can stop by the library to say hello and browse the shelves for titles that catch your eye.

100 books seem like a lot. How will I have time to read that many?

Reading 100 books is a lot! However, we do not expect you to complete this challenge in a week, a month, or even a year. We do encourage you to join the program at the earliest opportunity possible, which would give you three years to complete the 100 Books Before High School challenge. Remember that the goal is not just to read 100 books, but also to develop a lifelong reading habit. Everyone reads at their own pace, so enjoy the process and take your time.

Do ebooks or audiobooks count? What about graphic novels?

Yes! Reading an ebook or listening to an audiobook totally counts as having read the book. Graphic novels and manga count, too. You can read books in whatever way and format works best for you. Check out our eBooks and Digital Materials on our website.

Can I add the books I need to read for school?

Yes! While we encourage you to read books for fun, school reading counts too.

I finished my 100 Books Challenge and I still have time before the program ends to read another 100 books. Can I register for the challenge again?

Congratulations on reading 100 books! However, readers can only participate in this challenge one time due to our limited prize budget.

If you have more questions, call the library’s Young Adult Department at 574-546-2849 or email Ryan Calhoun at

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