Sunday, October 28, 2018

Flash Fiction Winner Keely Miller - 10th grade

It happened

Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change. Waking up in a warm bright place is the first thing I remember. The last thing that I remember is pure agony. My life changed so suddenly. I remember walking in the dark, down the street from the town coffee shop. A single street light shines down the dark street.

The air was different that night, for it had a bitter taste and was warm. There was a shadow stalking me. Its footsteps coincide with mine. I was unaccompanied. No one was insight on the dark street, my only thought was to make it home and bolt the door. I was three blocks away from my apartment. The noise grew louder. I picked up my pace. Hoping it wouldn't notice. My apartment was in a secluded area that took some time to get to. I don't know why I'm being followed. I've never done anything wrong before.

I grew up in a small town with the same people I've always known. Wake up; smelling the fresh air and go on with my regular days routine. The same thing everyday in and out. Except for tonight. Two blocks away. I turned the corner of the old book store.

The steps its still growing louder. I broke into a sprint. The concrete under my feet was uneven and cracked.

The warm air stinging my throat. I could hear its steps right next to me. 1 block away.

All I wanted to do was be in my secure home. My eyes were burning with tears as I ran. I ran for what felt like an eternity, never letting up my pace. I could see my garden in front of my apartment.

The steps started to die away from me. I didn't let up. I made it to my front porch. I could barely see. My face soaked with tears. I reached into my bag for my keys. I was trembling with fear. The light from my living room flooded the front lawn. My keys slipped through my fingers and onto the cement sidewalk with a clatter.

That's when I heard its low heavy breathing. I didn't dare to look behind me. The steps drew closer and closer.

I swooped down to retrieve the keys and managed to find the right one and insert it into the keyhole.

I felt a cold hand rest upon my shoulder. I stood petrified with fear. Then it slowly turned me to face the creature. I gazed upon the face of my monster. It had fair skin with sunken eyes. Red flared its cheeks. Its mouth curled into a horrifying grin. "Why are you doing this," escaped my mouth.

"Because it's fun," it said.

I was writhing in pain. My body was in complete anguish. I tried to scream but nothing came out. It looked at me with an apathetic look and turned then disappeared into the night. I tried to stand. Hoping. Praying that I could get to the neighbors.

I felt myself fall to my knees. The pain started to go away. I started to lose consciousness. I could feel myself slipping away. Relief started to flood my body. Had someone come to my aid. I didn't feel anything. I don't feel anything.

I opened my eyes to see a brilliantly white scene. Nothing and no one is in eye shot. I rose to my feet. Glancing around to find the slightest sign of life.

I realized my hands felt caked with something. I peered down to see blood. My blood. I reached for my head feeling the warmth of it trickle down my face. My arms and legs covered in bruises. I went to scream. Nothing came from my throat. My fingers traced my neck. There was a gash in my throat, for blood oozed from it.

From the distance a dot started to approach me. As it drew closers I realized I had seen this person before. The dark figured stopped right in front of me. I mouthed, "What happened."

With a reply, "you died, come it has been waiting for you to join us."

My mind felt as if it had burst with this sudden change in realization. I had really died. And the person who was in front of me was it. My murder.

Minor formatting. Story appears as submitted by the author, unedited.

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