Saturday, October 27, 2018

Flash Fiction Winner Mazerick Hullinger - 7th grade

The Wasteland

"Nothing is as painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change."

- Unknown

The person who said that had no idea how right they were. It all started in 2083 when a 36-year-old woman, known as genie, (French for genius) created something revolutionary. She created terraforming robots that were capable of taking a mountainside and transforming it into an exact replica of Mount Rushmore, and fast. She sent these nanobots out to create abundant farms in lands of poverty. They created lakes in places of drought, literally overnight.

Little did she know, she had created a virus. The robots were created with mercury which was a huge mistake on génie's part. This mercury infected the fluids that made the farms functional. It created a new type of disease. once you have the disease you wouldn't notice until it was too late. It was so undetectable that you could drop dead immediately after or several days later and never know you had this wretched disease.

almost everyone in the world was infected. The world discovered this the next year. The world dropped into the apocalypse. Most of the world died off, leaving 200 people alive. These people were forced to find each other and fix the ecosystem. Only 15 survived this journey to meet in a small town known as Legitown in North North America (Canada).

These people had to find a way to stop the robots. They split into three groups that would look for and destroy the robots, group beta, alpha and, omega. The strongest, man Buford led omega, the smartest man Balijeet, led beta, and the fastest woman, Isabella, led alpha.


"Do you think we are actually gonna find anything out here," said Chris.

"There has to be something out here," said Isabella.

"Yeah Chris, those spooky magic robots have to be somewhere," said Alex.

"Is that really what we are calling them now," asked Jake.

"Definitely not," replied Chris and Lacey at the same time.

"If we don't find anything I hope the other groups do, because if they don't, we're all gonna die of starvation," said Chris.

"...Way to lighten the mood Chris!" said Alex.


"Man, this place is messed up," said Chase.

"I am not entirely sure what you expected Chase, but yeah, pretty messed up," said Emma.

"What are we looking for again," Asked Brody.

"You've got to be kidding me," Said Balijeet.

"Nope!" replied Brody.

"We are looking for robots that killed all of our friends and family," said Zane.

"Ooooooooooooooooooh thanks for reminding me!" said Brody. "It would be nice to find them."

"My gosh, when we find these robots, you two are gonna be the offering," said Morgan.


"You think these things will be sentient," Asked Brock.

"What's a sentient," Asked Buford. "Nevermind,"

"What are we gonna do when we find these things, just try to kill them as fast as possible? Or are we gonna try and fix them," Said Kim.

"Kill," said Buford.

"Guys, we found something," Yelled Johnny and Mike.

Everybody ran to them to find a field filled with metallic bees nurturing the field with a strange liquid.

"This has to be them," said Brock.

"What are we gonna d-," Johnny was cut off by the sound of Buford shooting all of the robots dead.

"me kill evil bugs," said Buford.

"I suppose that answers that." Said Johnny.

When the three regrouped later that day at Leitown, the alpha team announced that they had killed the "evil bugs". So they had won, they were able to start rebuilding civilization. By 3000 the entire world was repopulated and doing well. It was no longer a wasteland.


Minor formatting. Story appears as submitted by the author, unedited.

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