Monday, October 8, 2018

The Monster Lives

You've finished Mary Shelley's masterpiece in plenty of time for BPL's Community Forum (October 30), now what? Celebrate by checking out the following collection of Frankenstein inspired works -

Hideous Love: The Story of the Girl Who Wrote Frankenstein by Stephanie Hemphill

In this free-verse novel, Hemphill tracks Mary's turbulent young life, including her relationship with poet Percy Shelley and their travels across Europe.

Mary's Monster: Love, Madness, and How Mary Shelley Created Frankenstein by Lita Judge

Drawn from Mary's painstaking journals, Judge's book spotlights the circumstances that inspired the unforgettable creature. More than 300 illustrations accompany this selection.

Cadaver and Queen by Alisa Kwitney

When Elizabeth enrolled at Ingold as its first female medical student, she knew she wouldn't have an easy time. From class demands to being an outsider among her male cohorts, she'll have to go above and beyond. So when she stumbles across what appears to be a faulty Bio-Mechanical, she jumps at the chance to fix it and get ahead in the program. Only this Bio-Mechanical isn't like the others. Soon Elizabeth realizes that it's Victor Frankenstein, a former student who died under mysterious circumstances.

Henry Franks by Peter Adam Salomon

While a serial killer stalks his small Georgia town, sixteen-year-old Henry tries to find the truth about the terrible accident that robbed him of his mother and his memories.

Man Made Boy by Jon Skovron

Tired of being sheltered from humans, seventeen-year-old Boy, son of Frankenstein's monster and the Bride of Frankenstein, runs away from home and embarks on a wild road trip that takes him across the country and deep into the heart of America.

Mister Creecher by Chris Priestly

In 1918 London, fifteen-year-old Billy, a pickpocket, meets Mr. Creecher, a monstrous giant. Their relationship turns from convenience to a strong bond as they journey northwards on the trail of Victor Frankenstein.

Spare and Found Parts by Sarah Maria Griffin

Nell Crane has never held a boy's hand. In a city devastated by an epidemic, where survivors are all missing parts, Nell has always been an outsider. Her father is the famed scientist who created the biomechanical limbs that everyone now uses. But she's the only one with her machinery on the inside: her heart.

Teen Frankenstein by Chandler Baker

When science prodigy Tor Frankenstein accidentally kills a teen boy in a midnight car accident, there's only one thing for her to do: use her science project to bring him back to life.

This Dark Endeavor: The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein by Kenneth Oppel

When his twin brother falls ill in the family's chateau, sixteen-year-old Victor Frankenstein embarks on a dangerous and uncertain quest to create the forbidden Elixir of Life.

Strange Star by Emma Carroll

Told primarily by servant Felix, Lord Byron and friends gather to tell ghost stories on a stormy night in 1816 Switzerland. Then, a young girl arrives with her own dark and dangerous tale.

This Monstrous Thing by Mackenzi Lee

When a talented mechanic in 1818 Geneva brings his brother back from the dead using clockwork parts, the citizens think they may have inspired the recently published novel Frankenstein.

Gris Grimly's Frankenstein by Gris Grimly

Retells, in graphic novel format, Mary Shelley's classic tale of a monster who develops a mind of his own, learns to loathe himself, and hate his creator.

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