Monday, October 22, 2018

Talk About Fall

In this week's edition, some of our YA patrons describe what they love best about autumn!

Isiah Sarille
My grandmother and I making pumpkin rolls, chilly weather (and getting warm), dressing up like Harley Quinn for Halloween, watching scary movies (with popcorn).

Sara Boyer
Crunchy leaves, pumpkin everything, Thanksgiving, fall colors.

Braden Unruh
One of the things I like about fall is that, in that time (mostly October), there is one of the four Great I like to call them. The Gatherings are as follows: Easter, Halloween, my birthday, and Christmas. October is great because Halloween is a time of the year when family gathers to just have fun. Another thing I like about fall is the weather getting colder, and things seeming to slow down.

Hannah Wright
What I like about autumn is that it is not so hot out anymore. And I enjoy being able to see the leaves changing into their many different colors. It's also a time when we can start drinking hot chocolate without worrying about being too hot afterwards. When it rains I can hear the drops landing on the fallen leaves, and I can watch the rain as it falls.

Sarah Stine
There are many things about fall that I enjoy. One is the cooler "sweater weather." Halloween is an overall big part of my love for this season. Two classics about fall include the leaves changing colors and falling from the trees. It's so pretty! One of the final things I love about this time of the year, another classic, is apple cider.

Skyler Stine
The one thing I like about fall is the beautiful trees and the cool weather. Another is that I can be with my friends and play basketball and other sports. I love to scoop pumpkin guts out of the pumpkin. I also love Thanksgiving.

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